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New in 2014

The DOP3500 Touch Screen Photometer, click here for datasheet.


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Key Benefits & Features
'DOP touch'

> Autocalibrates without operating any buttons or valves

> Includes autocal for 10 common oil/reagent types

> Touch screen stays on between tests with built-in battery

> International languages available

> Test Certificate design available

> Automatic DNS reports min/max/average challenge, with on-

   screen accept/reject feature

> QWERTY keyboard and touchpen for easy typing

> Variable data easily input using touch keypad/menus

> Hazardous sampling optical system as standard

> Stainless steel casing, robust and easily cleaned

> TWO years warranty for 'dop touch' Photometer

> LIFETIME warranty for DOP 'smartprobe'

click for the 'dop touch' datasheet